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Amber Smith

Amber (pictured, left): I was very fortunate to learn about the FRC from my freshman college roommate, Jamie Rodriguez. I remember feeling a bit anxious because I did not know if I would make new friends or fit in with the community. At my very first Cookie Night, Jamie and I met former members, Briana Collins and Lindsey Stanley. We all became best friends. Through FRC events, we built a great bond that still lasts as we all graduate this year. I am forever grateful for this program and all of the wonderful people involved. As a Director's Assistant and PR Chair, I had an incredible experience working with the executive board and getting to know our members. I cannot thank Chera and Dr. Ehlers enough for all of their hard work inĀ strengthening our community. They still inspire me to be a great leader who serves my community.Ā This was the experience of a lifetime and I will never forget my time with the FRC. Thank you for everything, truly.

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Provide undergraduate scholarship support for first generation college students and/or students in financial need, as determined by OSFA, who wish to be a part of the FRC.


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