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How to Join

Our application process for current UGA students and transfer students is complete for 2023-24.
If you will be joining UGA as a first-year student in Fall 2023, you can find the application here. First priority deadline is April 11. 

Application FAQs

Q: I have an intended roommate. How can I communicate this in my application?

A: Our application has a space to note an intended roommate. Please note that all our rooms are double occupancy, designated by UGA Housing for FRC roommate pairs. You and your intended roommate should name each other on both the FRC application and UGA Housing's Dawg House.

Q: Do all FRC members live in Rutherford Hall?

A: Yes. 

Q: What is the fee for FRC residents?

A: The FRC is open to any student majoring or minoring in one of the 30 Franklin College of Arts and Sciences programs. In addition to the cost of living in Rutherford Hall, members pay a program fee of $40 each semester. 

Q: What is the First-Year Odyssey requirement for FRC members?

A: All first-year FRC students will be required to register in fall semester for one of the three First Year Odyssey seminars affiliated with FRC. Further details to follow.

Q: Can I take a tour of FRC?

A: The Housing website has information about Rutherford Hall. To learn more about FRC, in addition to our website you can check out our Instagram account, @frc_uga

Q: If I am admitted to FRC, what happens next?

A: We'll write you via UGA email to confirm that you'd like to accept the space. Once we've submitted our roster for next year, UGA Housing will email you a contract for Rutherford Hall, with instructions for completing registration. Over the summer Housing will notify you of your roommate (if you didn't designate one another on your applications). And FRC will send you information about our welcome meeting, leadership opportunities, upcoming academic, service and social events ...

FRC Statement on Covid-19 

The Covid-19 global pandemic has upended our lives in many ways, from cancelled events and trips to the loss of employment, and even illness and loss of life. As a residential community, FRC will follow best practices per the CDC and the University System of Georgia. This will entail moving some events outside, shifting toward service projects we can reach more accessibly, and developing a hybrid online dimension to some activities. Further, recognizing that the effects of this pandemic have fallen disproportionately on persons of color, working class families, and those with increased risk factors, we pledge to support and accommodate all our members as we move forward. Challenges lie ahead, but we will seek to meet them in the same spirit of community and family that guides FRC.  



Support FRC

Provide undergraduate scholarship support for first generation college students and/or students in financial need, as determined by OSFA, who wish to be a part of the FRC.


Rutherford Hall