The first priority deadline for Incoming Transfer Students and Current UGA Students is Sunday, Feb. 9.

The application is available here:


Deadline for Incoming First Year Students will be in April 2020.

For current high school seniors: applications for Academic Year 2020-2021 will be posted in spring.

Please note that all students seeking on-campus housing, including in Rutherford Hall, must also fill out an application with University Housing via the Dawg House (see your orientation materials). Should you be offered a space in FRC for 2020-2021, Housing will modify your contract in the Dawg House to show the new room and/or building. If you have a roommate preference, you MUST indicate in both the Dawg House and on your FRC application. All available rooms are double occupancy.

Campus Visits to FRC

Visiting campus during the academic year? Email your availability, and one of our Director's Assistants might be able to accommodate a tour.

Questions? E-mail