FRC Cookout

grill image
Date and time:
Rutherford Hall
Special Information:
4:30-6 pm

Join us for an FRC cookout, with the opportunity to meet students transferring into FRC in fall 2018! 4:30-6 pm.

Cookie Night

Date and time:
Chera's apartment

Snag some freshly baked cookies and hang with your favorite residents! Bring your own mug for milk. This event is 5 social points.

Game Night

Luck of the draw!
Date and time:
Rutherford Programming Room

Show off your skills and get into some friendly competition with the FRC in a game night, featuring all your favorites and pizza! 

Finals Late Night Breakfast

Breakfast at night is just...better.
Date and time:
Chera's Apartment (142 Rutherford)

Join us for a delicious study break! Breakfast food, cookies, and of course coffee, will be available, and you'll also get a finals survival kit. You can make it!

This is event is for FRC members only, please, and worth 5 social points.