Looking for Leadership Experience? Try the Executive Board!

For the 2018-2019 year, the Franklin Residential College is looking for driven members to take on a role in the Executive Board. The Executive Board works closely with the Director's Assistants, FRC Director, and FRC Academic Advisor in Residence to coordinate events and campus outreach.  Each position is elected by FRC members, so interested members should write a short speech about why you would be best for the position and then share your platform with your peers on election night this fall.  Feel free to run for as many positions as you would like.

Franklin Residential College Points Reminder

FRC members, points exist to track your participation in FRC events. You earn points by attending events in three different categories: social, academic, and service.  Each category has different point values associated with them and a minimum amount you must attend each semester. It's easy to get points, and these requirements are only a minimum.

At least TWO social events: 5 points each

At least ONE service event: 10 points each

At least ONE academic event: 10 points each