Who We Are

What is the Franklin Residential College?

The Franklin Residential College (FRC) at the University of Georgia is a student governed residential college program that offers members opportunities to participate in intellectual and cultural community events. The FRC is currently housed in Rutherford Hall located on the Myers Quad, and was modeled after residential colleges found at common Ivy League institutions to give the feel of a small college within a great university.

The FRC is a mix of nearly 90 students studying humanities, fine and performing arts, social sciences and basic sciences. Our residents include first-year and upper division students and most live in Rutherford Hall for multiple years.

Students in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences may apply for a space at the FRC, the only residential college at the University of Georgia, during the spring semester of every year. Members are admitted by the FRC Dean and the Dean’s Assistants on the basis of their interest in and commitment to participating in the community of a residential college. They enjoy its character, as well as its robust intellectual, cultural, and social life with the presence of the Dean in Residence.

Along with the students, a faculty family also lives in Rutherford Hall in the apartment located on the first floor. This family regularly hosts students in their apartment for special events. The residence family works together with the Dean’s Assistants to develop programs and activities for the students involved in the FRC.

The FRC is open to any student majoring or minoring in one of the 30 Franklin College of Arts and Sciences departments or schools and includes first year students through seniors.