Where We Are

Our home, historic Rutherford Hall, is located in the center of the UGA campus, equally accessible to the fine arts and fitness facilities on East Campus, the humanities and social science departments on North Campus, and the buildings housing the sciences on South Campus. Rutherford Hall is part of the Myers Community and is an active member of the Myers Community Council. The Miller Learning Center and Tate Student Center are also within walking distance.

In Rutherford Hall, we have a modern building with a historic touch. The building contains four floors, a lobby sitting area, a programming room, a library (filled with books donated by the FRC) and a computer lab for student use. The Dean's Apartment is sometimes utilized for events for the FRC. Rutherford Hall contains traces of the previous building with wooden panels and a similar layout. The fireplaces are a symbol of the original building and the white panels surrounding the Programming Room are actual room doors from the original building. Rutherford also boasts a beautiful backporch with sitting areas, and a grand front porch with columns and a main staircase leading to the second floor.