Friends, fun, food and games on Myers Quad. Celebrating Doug Toma's contributions to the FRC. March 23, 2013.

Welcome to our Toma Field Day website!

This will be our second year hosting the Toma Field Day and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue recognizing the dedication and hard work that Doug Toma put into helping run the Franklin Residential College. This is the way that our members are able to give back to all that he did for our organization and we couldn't be happier to be able to hold this event again. This year we will have even more activities and we are opening it up to the entire Athens public.

One of our goals in holding this field day is to be able to raise a small scholarship, through donations, for a student study abroad scholarship. The FRC offers multiple study abroad opportunities and Doug Toma always believed that all students should have the chance to study abroad at least once during their time at UGA. The money that we raise for this scholarship fund will go directly to student members for the FRC Costa Rica trip for the following year.

So tell all your friends about the great things we are planning and come out to the Toma Field Day 2013!