Director's Assistant

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Iqra is a senior Business major, pre-med track, with an Art minor. She was a Director's Assistant for the Franklin Residential College for most of 2017-2018, stepping down from her role in February 2018. 

Iqra says that "The FRC has easily become one of the most comfortable spaces for me in college. I've found a home in individuals of like mind and drive (aka NERDS) that I will hold onto for the rest of my life.

What makes the FRC unique is how it is literally crafted to the group of that year. It's a team effort that puts on social nights, like weekly Cookie Nights, academic Director's Teas, where professors can give their pitch about their life's passion/research for one of the many, many majors offered at UGA, and service events that take us out of our dorms and remind us that there are always, always people (and animals!) who need help.

The FRC bridges these three aspects in a fun, open, and accepting environment that grows and changes every year. We hope that our members make unforgettable, unique memories, find quirky, life-long friends, and maybe learn a thing or two about how to adult successfully."