Director's Assistant

Contact Info

231 Rutherford Hall
Office Hours:
Monday 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Courtney Hogan is a Sophomore studying Computer Science. She hopes to emphasize in Cybersecurity and find a job that makes her happy. Until then, she is involved with on-campus organizations such as the UGA Horticulture Club, ACM, and the Franklin Residential College.

Courtney says, "I joined the FRC as a freshman and immediately fell in love with the program. Coming from a smaller high school, the FRC allowed me to find my home away from home amidst thousands of strangers. I enjoyed my experience so much that I applied to be a Director's Assistant to ensure I could be an integral part of making the experiences of members amazing, too! My favorite part of the FRC has got to be the opportunities to meet amazing people. Through all the activities we organize, you can easily make several new friends as you experience new things!"