ranklin Residential College

How We Work

FRC Executive Board

A small group of returning students comprise the Executive Board of the FRC. These students occasionally meet together throughout the year to set the FRC's agenda of various events and activities. Students are elected to the Executive Board at the end of every semester and must be residential members of the FRC to run for an office.

For the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester the following people are serving Executive Board positions:

Dean's Assistant:

Liam Bendig and Peri Cavusgil

Academic Chair:

Kitra Cates

Social Chair:

Dara Richer

Service Chair:

Lisa Jemmings


Rafael Caraballo

PR Chair:

Rachel Hignite

FRC Advisory Council

Students who are members of the Franklin Residential College can serve on the Advisory Council after spending a semester in the FRC. The council meets throughout the year and is the general body voice of the FRC. Anyone who would like to join the Advisory Council should contact the Dean's Assistants.

FRC Committees

Committees are created for each FRC event or activity and are then responsible for planning and organizing each effort. Students may serve on as many working groups as they wish throughout the academic year. For the 2015- 2016 school year, the following committees have been established: Social, Academic, PR, Historian, and Service.

FRC Dean's Assistants

The Dean's Assistants also contribute to organizing activities and the management of the FRC. The FRC Dean is responsible for the strategic direction of the residential college. The Dean's Assistants act as a direct liaison between students and the FRC Dean.

Resident Assistants

In addition to their regular responsibilities with University Housing, our five resident assistants coordinate student life at the FRC. They arrange the formation of working groups and work with them to move forward, aided by the FRC coordinator and residence hall director, as needed.

FRC Point System

The FRC uses a point system where students can obtain points by attending various FRC events. The points are then used to determine future room assignments in partnership with University Housing. Priority will be given to the most active members of the community based on a formula predetermined by the FRC.

To view our Constitution, download our PDF here.