Social Committee

The Social committee plans and organizes social events throughout the year such as semi-formal, the banquet, the art show, cookouts, and other fun social activities! We're also open to new event suggestions for the committee to plan!

Contact: Dara Richer,

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee plans and organizes all academic events such as Dean's Teas, High Museum visits, the art show, and plenty of other events as well.

Contact: Kira Cates,

PR Committee

The PR Committee is in charge of getting the word out about the FRC to incoming and current UGA students. This committee makes fliers for our events and also for things like the Student Activities Fair!

Contact: Rachel Hignite,

Service Committee

This Committee will organize and execute service projects. They will potentially be working with the Rutherford relay for life team, as well as implementing many other service ideas and events throughout the semester!

Contact: Lisa Jemmings,

Historical Committee

This Committee is great for photography lovers! Students working with the Historian on our Executive Board attend all FRC events, major and minor, to record our fun moments through photography and video. This committee hopes to create more framed memories and possibly memory books this year.

Contact: Rafael Caraballo,

Each committee has a "chairperson," and although any FRC member can be on any committee, having "academic chair" or "PR chair" on your resume is pretty impressive! If any of these committees interest you, and you think you'd be a good fit, please consider running for a chair position. If politics isn't your thing, consider joining a committee. Joining a committee is the best way to get actively involved with the FRC and build experience and community that can't be built anywhere else.